The Devon Buy Collection of Cigars and Tobacco Products

I enjoy the occasional cigar with coffee over chit-chat sessions with a good buddy of mine, as well as light doses of tobacco smoking from a couple of tobacco pipes.

“I often buy new sticks faster than I can smoke them, and the collection amounts to a fair bit at any given time.”

I maintain a healthy stash of cigars and tobacco at home, and habitually take some with me when I leave the house. I often buy new sticks faster than I can smoke them, and the cigar collection amounts to a fair bit at any given time.

big ben bora
The BIG BEN Bora from Holland

For tobacco, I alternate between two different tobacco pipes – a straight stem Big Ben “Bora” from Holland, and a bent Stanwell “Zebrano” from Italy (previously from Denmark). They are both made of briarwood with different finishing and style for the bowl, each with its own smoking characteristics.

stanwell zebrano
The STANWELL Zebrano from Italy

While a bent stem allows for cooler smoke and can be more easily held in the mouth without holding with the hand, a straight stem provides a smoother draw and is easier to clean and maintain. Both take a standard 9 mm filter and sit well on a flat surface without any need for support.

I find myself going for the Big Ben more often simply because of ergonomics and ease of maintenance.


The Devon Buy Collection of Cigars and Tobacco Products

Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas 25
A freshly opened brand new box of Romeo y Julieta Petit Coronas 25 waiting to be savoured! Some will be transferred over to my humidor pictured behind right.

The collection is divided into only two categories: Cigars and Tobacco.

The cigar and tobacco products presented below are what I currently have at the moment. I store most of these in my own home-made humidor, the construction of which I have outlined here.

To maintain the relative humidity within, I use Madelaine Propylene Glycol Solution.


From Tubos to Boxes, from Corona to Robusto, from Cuba to Switzerland, here are the cigars with the brand names in all caps and the country of origin in parentheses.

cigarillo collection
DAVIDOFF Club Cigarillos
(Dominican Republic)
Davidoff nicaragua cigars
DAVIDOFF Nicaragua Diadema
(Dominican Republic)
montecristo cigar
(Havana, Cuba)
collection of cigars
HOYO DE MONTERREY Epicure No.2 (Havana, Cuba)
cigar collection
HOYO DE MONTERREY Flor Extrafina 25 (Havana, Cuba)
cigar collection
Short Robusto 25
(Dominican Republic)
romeo y julieta cigar collection
(Havana, Cuba)
cuban cigar collection
ROMEO Y JULIETA No.2 Tubos old
(Havana, Cuba)
collection of cigars
ROMEO Y JULIETA No.2 Tubos new (Havana, Cuba)
romeo y julieta cigars
ROMEO Y JULIETA Petit Corona 25 (Havana, Cuba)
cigar collection
PADRON Natural 6 Corticos (Nicaragua)
cigar collection
ARTURO FUENTE Curly Head Deluxe (Dominican Republic)
german cigars
DANNEMANN Speciale Sumatra (Germany)
dannemann cigarillos
DANNEMANN Sweets Premium Cigarillos (Germany)
cigar tube collection
DANNEMANN Tubes (Germany)
dominican republic cigars
DON DIEGO Coronas No.3 (Dominican Republic)
cuban cigar collection
JOSE L PIEDRA Nacionales 5 (Havana, Cuba)
cuban cigar collection
(Havana, Cuba)
nicaraguan cigars
DOMAZAN Burgundy Line
Petit Corona (Nicaragua)
Quorum cigars
QUORUM Classic
collection of cigars and tobacco products
german cigars
HANDELSGOLD Gold Label Classic No.1 (Germany)
collection of cigars
HANDELSGOLD Gold Label Classic No.7 (Germany)
collect cigars
HANDELSGOLD Gold Label Classic No.9 (Germany)
european cigars
J CORTES High Class Sumatra Blue
european cigars
wine cigar
switzerland cigars
villiger cigars
VILLIGER Gold Mini Special Edition (Switzerland)
european cigars
VILLIGER Red Mini Vanilla
coffee cigar
VILLIGER Premium Coffee (Switzerland)
honey cigar
VILLIGER Premium Honey (Switzerland)
vanilla cigar
VILLIGER Premium Vanilla (Switzerland)
villiger sumatra cigar
VILLIGER Mini Sumatra Classic (Switzerland)
villiger cigars
VILLIGER Premium Tubo (Switzerland)
cigar tube collection
BALMORAL Corona Tubos (Dominican Republic)
honduras cigar
AL CAPONE Sweets Cognac Dipped (Honduras)
collection of cigars
CAFE CREME Italian Macchiato
belgian cigars
NEOS Chocolate
panter cigars
agio cigar
PANTER Short Corona
(Dominican Republic)
panter cigars
Corona (Dominican Republic)
agio cigars
PANTER Mignon De Luxe (Holland)
dutch cigars
RITMEESTER Corona Delecta
ritmeester cigar
dutch cigars holland
WILLEM II Corona Optimum
american cigars
Blunt (USA)
little cigars
Little Cigars (USA)
swisher sweets
Perfecto (USA)
dutch cigar
Mini Cigars (Holland)
collection of cigars
Half Corona (Holland)



dunhill tobacco
DUNHILL London Mixture (UK)
davidoff tobacco
DAVIDOFF Green Mixture (UK)
pipe tobacco collection
DAVIDOFF Red Mixture (UK)
Irish Whiskey
PETERSON Irish Whiskey (Ireland)
collection of tobacco
PETERSON Sherlock Holmes (Ireland)
da vinci
DAN TOBACCO Da Vinci (Germany)
peterson tobacco
PETERSON Special 2012 Limited Edition (Ireland)
peterson tobacco
PETERSON 3P’s Peterson’s Perfect Plug (Ireland)
british tobaccos
SAMUEL GAWITH Jubilee 2012 (UK)
danish tobacco collection
BORKUM RIFF Original Mixture (Sweden)
borkum riff tobacco collection
BORKUM RIFF Bourbon Whiskey (Sweden)
collection of cigars and tobacco
BORKUM RIFF Champagne (Sweden)
danish tobaccos
MAC BAREN Original Choice (Denmark)
mac baren tobaccos
MAC BAREN Aromatic Choice (Denmark)
mac baren
MAC BAREN Green Velvet (Denmark)
mac baren tobacco collection
MAC BAREN Mixture Modern Danish Blend (Denmark)
mac baren full aroma tobacco
MAC BAREN Amphora Full Aroma (Denmark)
old tobacco collection
J F GERMAIN & SON The Balkan Sobranie (UK)
american tobacco
SUTLIFF TOBACCO COMPANY Tobacco Galleria Wild Cherry (USA)
rolling tobacco

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Favourite Cigars

The cigars below are of the more exquisite variety from the collection, some of which are my personal favourites. The dimensions of cigars are usually indicated as length x diameter in inches. The diameter is given in ring gauge, measured as 1/64th of an inch. Hence a cigar of ring gauge 44 is equivalent to 44/64 of an inch, i.e. 0.6875 inch in diameter.

best montecristo cigar
“My favourite of them all…the Montecristo No.3. A cigar just perfect on the the draw and flavour…”
Brand: Montecristo (est.1935)
Variant: No.3 Natural Corona
Length: 5.5
Ring Gauge: 42
Shape / Size: Parejo / Corona
Wrapper Colour: Connecticut / Light brown
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild
Origin: Cuba
RRP: RM97.00 per stick
romeo y julieta no.1
“If I don’t have the No.2, the slimmer and longer No.1 will just have to do!”
Brand: Romeo y Julieta (est.1875)
Variant: No.1 Tubos
Length: 5.5
Ring Gauge: 40
Shape / Size: Parejo / Corona
Wrapper Colour: Dark brown
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Origin: Cuba
RRP: RM77.00 per stick
romeo y julieta petit corona
“Earthy flavours, burns well without being too nutty towards the end…”
Brand: Romeo y Julieta (est.1875)
Variant: Petit Corona
Length: 4.9
Ring Gauge: 42
Shape / Size: Parejo / Petit Corona
Wrapper Colour: Dark brown
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Origin: Cuba
RRP: RM1,825.00 per box of 25
romeo y julieta no.2
“Spicy on the initial burn and has to be smoked slowly, otherwise…dizzy!”
Brand: Romeo y Julieta (est.1875)
Variant: No.2 Tubos de Aluminio
Length: 5.125
Ring Gauge: 42
Shape / Size: Parejo / Corona
Wrapper Colour: Dark brown
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Origin: Cuba
RRP: RM1,800.00 per box of 25
hoyo de monterrey epicure no.2
“An intense tobacco taste blended with cocoa, cinnamon and dried fruits, this handmade cigar is highly rated and consistent throughout its burn.”
Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey (est.1865)
Variant: Epicure No.2
Length: 5.875
Ring Gauge: 50
Shape / Size: Parejo / Robusto
Wrapper Colour: Medium brown
Binder: Cuba
Filler: Cuba
Strength: Mild to Medium
Origin: Cuba
RRP: RM140.00 per stick
davidoff nicaragua diadema
“A handmade premium puro cigar meticulously tapered at both ends with a balanced blend of top-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos grown in the country’s rich, volcanic soils.”
Brand: Davidoff (est.1969)
Variant: Nicaragua Diadema
Length: 6.5
Ring Gauge: 50
Shape / Size: Presidente / Diadema
Wrapper Colour: Medium brown
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium to Full
Origin: Dominican Republic
RRP: RM120.00 per stick
don diego corona
“A medium-bodied cigar with wheaty woody notes on the draw…”
Brand: Don Diego (est.1966)
Variant: Corona No.3
Length: 5.5
Ring Gauge: 44
Shape / Size: Parejo / Corona
Wrapper Colour: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Rep. / Nicaragua
Strength: Mild to Medium
Origin: Dominican Republic
RRP: RM150.00 per pack of 5

Publications and Ratings

cigars of the world encyclopedia book
Cigars of the World (Illustrated Encyclopedia)


The second best part about a hobby are the reading materials and publications that fuel the interest and enthusiasm, and the one that I refer to the most is Cigar Aficionado. I have read one or two other magazines on cigar appreciation, but found myself always returning to this one.

A good reference book on cigars is the Illustrated Encyclopedia: Cigars of the World (right). This is a small book with useful information about the finest cigars from around the globe and the companies which make them. It is also my source of reference. To buy this book and other titles on cigars, click here.

cigar aficionado
The Illustrated Encyclopedia Cigars of the World is a great reference with the history and background of all important cigar manufacturers around the world, and Cigar Aficionado is a monthly magazine that piques smokers the world over.
“Most of the top and highly rated cigar brands reviewed in Cigar Aficionado are familiar names found in the collection, such as Padron, Romeo y Julieta, Montecristo, Davidoff, and Hoyo de Monterrey.”

Here are some ratings from the blind tastings carried out at Cigar Aficionado for the cigars “of the more exquisite variety” in my collection listed above, with the dates of publication. The score ratings and their significance as described by Cigar Aficionado are:

  • 95 – 100: Classic
  • 90 – 94: Outstanding
  • 80 – 89: Very Good to Excellent
  • 70 – 79: Average to Good Commercial Quality
  • 0 – 69: Don’t waste your money
cigar aficionado montecristo
April 2010: The Romeo y Julieta No.1 Tubo scored an outstanding rating of 91,
with the Montecristo No.3 trailing one step behind at 90.
cigar aficionado hoyo de monterrey epicure 2
February 2011: The Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 scored an impressive rating of 92.
cigar aficionado connoisseur's conner
April 2009: In the Connoisseur’s Conner, a 1975 stick of Montecristo No.3 attained a classic rating of 96, while a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2 from 1994 remains at the top end of outstanding at 94.
cigar aficionado montecristo no.3 rating
June 2009: In the Connoisseur’s Conner, a vintage Montecristo No.3 from 1971
again garnered a classic rating of 96.

Preparation and Lighting

Over the years, I realised that prepping and lighting a cigar the proper way is of paramount importance. As mentioned earlier, cigar appreciation is more a hobby than a habit, and it rewards the smoker well to pay heed to some of its ritualistic idiosyncrasies which I find best explained in the following video.

Interesting Conversations About Cigars with Arnie

Quotes About Cigar and Pipe Smoking

Thought I’d just drop a few quotes by some famous people about tobacco smoking, and add one of my own just for the heck of it.

winston churchill quotes cigar

ron perlman quotes cigar

devon buy quotes cigar

arnold schwarzenegger quotes cigar

albert einstein quotes cigar pipe smoking

If you’re an avid cigar or pipe tobacco smoker and if you have an interesting quote to share, do pen it down in the comment section below. Meanwhile, keep the end lit and puff away!







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Frida Hansen
1 year ago

Now that you’re armed with this cigar shopping knowledge, go forth and seize your dream humidor. Share your cigar collection essentials in the comments below! I like to find samplers of cigars i might like. And if i findba gem in the sampler i buy them in 5 packs.

LaVern Dirkx
LaVern Dirkx
1 year ago

Years ago I worked for a tobacco retailer. I saved some old product then and forgot I had them until we remolded our house. Cigars, cigarettes, plug tobacco, pipe tobacco, etc. I do not know what to do with them. Some are very old.