Alfa Romeo 147 How to Fix a Squeaky Clutch Pedal

After having driven my Alfa Romeo 147 for over a year, the clutch pedal began squeaking with every depress and release of the pedal, and after a quick check online, I realised that this was actually a common problem faced by many Alfa Romeo owners, a problem not just confined to the 147 and certainly not to Alfa Romeo.

The noise is, to describe in one word, annoying. It is a thorn to an otherwise smooth, quiet and creakless drive.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

It took me some trial and error to figure this one out, and I eventually traced the problem to the clutch master cylinder.

The solution is a rather easy one, but the correct lubricant is especially important. Do not use water-dispersion lubricants such as WD-40, STP AP-75 or similar as these will not work in the long term. They may stop the squeaking only temporarily for a day or two at most.

The most effective and appropriate lubricant to use to resolve this is white lithium grease. There are many commercially available off-shelf products; see the links at the bottom of this article for a number of recommended brands.


Getting Down to Greasy Work

See the following photos to find the source of clutch pedal squeaks and resolve them permanently. Here’s how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal:

white lithium grease ABRO

1. First things first, get a can of white lithium grease. I use the one from ABRO as shown above – not too expensive and it gets the job done!

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

2. Next, lay some newspaper just below the pedals, to protect the floor mat from any accidental spills and overflows.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

3. Look for the clutch master cylinder behind the clutch pedal. It should be quite easy to identify – the push rod from the clutch pedal penetrates into it. I have placed the red spray straw from the grease can into the master cylinder.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

4. This is a close-up view of the photo above. You will need to spray the white lithium grease into the clutch master cylinder through the rubber cap through which the push rod penetrates. Simple enough.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

5. Place the (red) spray straw into the nozzle on the white lithium grease can and insert the straw into the clutch master cylinder as shown in the previous photo above. Spray 3 or 4 short bursts of white lithium grease into the master cylinder.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

6. Remove the spray straw from the clutch master cylinder. Depress and release the clutch pedal for 3 to 5 cycles with your hand (or foot, whichever is more convenient).

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

7. You will notice at this point some excess grease on the rubber cap at the exterior of the master cylinder.

how to fix a squeaky clutch pedal

8. Wipe off that excess grease and you’re good to go!
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The effect of the white lithium grease should last for a good year at least, maybe two. Whenever it wears off, you know you can always repeat the procedure above to have a squeak-free clutch pedal action again.

A little disclaimer: My mechanic had advised that it isn’t a fantastic idea to squirt lubricant into the master cylinder, but I have done so a number of times over the last three years with no adverse effects or damage. In any case, proceed with the above procedure at your own risk.

UPDATE IN 2018: It has been 5 years since the last time the master cylinder was greased and the squeaky clutch pedal problem never came back.

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