How to Use Mail on iPad

Mail appiOS devices being portable makes them highly suitable for managing emails on the go. And the Mail app included with every iPad, iPhone and iPod touch does just that!

While the iPhone and iPod touch devices stand their own as compact and mobile email readers, the iPad with its larger screen and keyboard makes it the ideal device for all emailing purposes. Let’s explore and launch the default Mail app indicated by the icon at left on your home screen.

We will assume that you have set up and configured your email account or accounts via Settings on your iOS device. If not, kindly refer to How to Configure Email on iPad.


How to Use Mail on iPad

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1. Launch the Mail app on your iPad and you are greeted by two main displays on the screen. The left column lists all your email accounts and folders as well as indicates the number of unread emails in each of these accounts. The right portion of the screen is the main display area and preview pane where email and its attachments are displayed.
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2. Select an email account and its inbox to read new and old emails. Options are available on-screen to reply, forward, trash and move emails one by one. And if you would prefer to delete or move emails in batches, simply tap on the Edit button at top of left column to arrive at the next screenshot.
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how to use mail
3. Tapping on Edit allows you to select multiple emails to simultaneously delete them or move them to a different folder. Tap on each email header in the left column to select it, or tap again to unselect it. Each selected email is indicated with a tick in a red circle, and the body of the email appears in the preview pane at right so that you can see its contents and exactly what it is you are deleting or moving. To abort this mode, just tap on Cancel at the top of the left column where the Edit button was previously.
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4. While emails are usually best read, viewed and typed with the iPad in landscape mode, there are times when you would actually prefer to read them in portrait orientation, especially for longer emails. Portrait orientation makes the iPad easier to hold for longer durations. Any attachments are also shown as icons at the bottom of the email, and these attachments can be downloaded and viewed by tapping on their icons. Tap and hold on the attachment icon to bring up a list of apps by which the attachment is to be opened with or viewed.

Alternative Email Apps

As the default email app on iOS devices, the Mail app does quite well. However, there are other emailing applications available on the App Store that are more feature packed and you may want to check them out. We use two other highly recommended email apps. Both are similar with very minor differences between them and you can try either:


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