ACE Drain Opener – Professional Strength

drain clog remover

If you’re having a shower and the water won’t flow down your drain and out of your shower cubicle fast enough, or when you’re leaving your tap turned on while you’re brushing your teeth and the water level in the washbasin just keeps rising, you probably have a problem with clogged drains.

The solution is fairly simple: Use a drain unclogger or drain opener.

Hair will often find its way into these drains, and if accumulated enough, they can constrict the opening and cause the drain water to flow out too slowly, slower than the volume of clean water introduced into your shower cubicle or wash basin.

There are many products in the market which can open up your drain effectively, but in my case I always use a product sold at ACE Hardware Stores known as ACE Drain Opener – Professional Strength. It is economical and gets the job done.


drain clog remover
Instructions and warnings are there for a reason.
I paid the price for not heeding!

As advertised, this product is of extra strength formula which chews through grease and dissolves hair in minutes, and as it is heavier than water, it works even on standing water in your drain.

Despite this professional strength, it does not cause damage to PVC pipes.

Word of caution, though. The instructions on the rear side of the bottle specifically state that it is not for use in toilets and dishwashers.

I didn’t think it would have any adverse effect in the water closet or toilet bowl, so I poured some in to clean the inner surface of the toilet bowl. It worked great, BUT…it eroded the smooth surface of the porcelain, and after some time, the surface became rough and the surface started to trap dirt and got dirty quite quickly.

So heed the warning – DON’T USE IT IN YOUR TOILET!

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Other precautions include using it in a well-ventilated area and beware of splash backs as it can cause severe burns to eyes, skin and mucous membranes upon contact. It has a safety cap that requires some downward pressure in order to open, but in any case, keep it out of reach of children.




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