Black & Decker KS630 Jigsaw

The following article may or may not be a review of the Black & Decker KS630 Jigsaw but is intended to be an info page with further description, photographs and technical specifications as provided by the manufacturer.

black and decker jigsaw
The Black & Decker KS630 Jigsaw

I bought the Black & Decker KS630 Jigsaw because it was on promotion at a special price. I bought this at the same time as the Black & Decker KA175 Sander.

A jigsaw can be handy when it comes to sawing out a large hole in a wooden board, and I have used this a couple of times to saw out openings on kitchen countertops for a stove as well as for a quartz sink.

It is rarely used in my work, but handy to have one around, so much so that I eventually bought a lithium-ion-powered one – the Milwaukee M12 Jigsaw – for cordless convenience and safety.


black and decker ks630
black and decker ks630 black and decker ks630
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Cutting a straight line with this saw without a rule or guide can be a challenge.

One must always ensure that the saw blade sits firmly in the guide wheel during oscillation, as it has a tendency to run out and cut off-centre. Hence, this jigsaw does require the user to pay more attention than usual on the workpiece and an above-average steady hand to operate than some of the other jigsaws I have used.

black and decker jigsaw ss
black & decker ks630
jigsaw kitchen countertop hob
Made a rectangular opening in this kitchen countertop with the Black & Decker KS630 to place this hob in its rightful place.

The Black & Decker KS630 uses a U-shank type blade fitting, although I have used T-shank blades without any problem. The specifications given by manufacturer are not very detailed, as listed:

Specifications Technical Data
Power 370 W max.
Blade shank fitting U-shank type

black & decker ks630






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