Dewalt DW926 Cordless Drill Driver

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The Dewalt DW926 Cordless Drill Driver is one of the very first cordless tools I bought, purchased some time in mid-2000.

It has gone through thick and thin, through countless renovation and DIY jobs with me over the years. It is a very able tool, with 15 levels of torque setting control through a rotating clutch and a 2-speed gear setting switch.

Drilling through brick walls was never a problem with the Dewalt DW926, but concrete and shear walls required a hammer drill function not found on this power tool.

Dewalt DW926 VSR cordless drill driver
The Dewalt DW926 Drill Driver combo comes with charger and 2 nos. of 9.6V Ni-Cd battery packs.
Dewalt cordless drill driver
A hand-driven keyless chuck makes bit fitting and removal easy.
Dewalt DW926
A versatile power tool, the DW926 has a total of 15 level of torque settings and one for drilling.
Dewalt DW926
The DW926 has 2-speed gear settings, adjusted by a slide switch at the top.
Dewalt DW926
A bit holder located near the base of the DW926 minimises the risk of losing or misplacing it.
Dewalt DW926

Dewalt DW926 | 9.6V Ni-Cd Battery

Dewalt DW926
The Dewalt DW926 comes with two 9.6V Ni-Cd battery packs and a charger. Ni-Cd batteries is an older technology that suffers from memory effect, making Li-ion-powered tools preferable.

The Dewalt DW926 uses a 9.6V Ni-Cd, which was great during the inception of cordless tools, but isn’t the best option these days considering the many Li-ion power tools available in the market today.

Replacing the battery is expensive, and I’ve done it once as the old one did not hold a charge anymore. While the run-time is reasonable, Ni-Cd batteries do suffer from memory effect, making Li-ion battery-powered power tools the preferred choice.

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel CPD-202C has since replaced my Dewalt DW926, although I still use the Dewalt at job sites to minimise bit changing between tools. See links below for battery replacement options.

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Specifications Technical Data
Maximum power 130 UWO
Gear and no. of speed settings 2 speeds
Speed Setting 1 0 – 300 rpm
Speed Setting 2 0 – 1,100 rpm
Chuck torque settings 15 settings
Chuck size 10 mm
Chuck type Plastic, ratcheting
Voltage 9.6 V, Ni-cad
Weight 1.54 kg (3.4 lbs)





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