DK The Human Body

DK The Human Body app

DK The Human Body is a very comprehensive and highly detailed reference app on the human body by Dorling Kindersley.

As expected by anything from DK, this app consists of highly accurate descriptions and accessible information created by leading doctors and medical practitioners. The wonders of the human body and anatomy are vividly captured, explored and explained in a simplistic way but yet sufficiently technical to cater for everyone with an interest in the human body, from the demanding student to those in the medical profession who require a casual reference when necessary.

dk the human body
DK The Human Body features highly accurate details and illustration on the human anatomy.

“The level of detail is hugely impressive: Having sat down with the app for a few hours, we feel as if we’ve only scratched the surface…if you have a keen interest in the body’s workings (and especially if you’re studying it), this is an excellent app.”

– The Guardian

DK The Human Body covers over 270 specially-designed images in full colour and of high resolution.

Subject matters are categorised into 12 systems of the human body, i.e. integrated body, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, cardiovascular, respiratory, skin, hair and nails, lymphatic and immune, digestive, urinary, and reproductive.

Each of these systems is accompanied by zoomable illustrations and textual details. These are covered in 99 story pages, with expandable annotations for each and every image. There is also a testing tool catered especially for the keen student for learning the different parts and functions of the human body.

dk the human body
Includes over 270 specially-designed high resolution images in full vivid colour.
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“The Human Body app is such a fine resource…there isn’t any (kidney) stone this app leaves unturned.”

– The Daily

Four stunning videos are included in this app, to aid in the illustration and explanation of key processes in the human body, from the beating heart and inflammatory response to conception and nerve impulse, each provided with detailed captions.

dk the human body
99 story pages with illustrations, explanatory text and expandable annotations.
“Apps such as The Human Body show the value of iPads. It’s an exploratory experience…pick it up and explore.”

– The Telegraph

Another interesting built-in feature is a 3D rotatable model of the human body with layers that can be selected by the user. You can be certain that just about any information you require on the human anatomy is at your fingertips, in an encyclopaedic manner bundled in a portable device.

dk the human body
Four impressive videos and testing tools complete the bundle package!
“This Human Body app will get right under your skin, allowing you to peel back the layers and zoom in on bones, organs and veins.”

– The Mirror

DK The Human Body is available only for the iPad and is downloadable on the iTunes Store at USD6.99 (reduced from its previous price of USD13.99). Given the highly accurate details and vivid illustrations and graphics, DK The Human Body is a recommended app for those who find reference on the human anatomy relevant at the workplace, or even if simply as a source of information for knowledge.

See an alternative app – Human Anatomy Atlas 2021.



  • highly accurate and comprehensive details and information on the human anatomy
  • visual aids vividly illustrated in high resolution images in full colour
  • over 270 specially-designed images
  • covers 12 distinct systems of the human body
  • nearly 100 story pages with illustrations, textual details and expandable annotations
  • includes testing tool for learning and revision purpose
  • includes 4 videos on the heart, inflammatory response, conception and nerve impulse
  • intuitive use of 3D rotatable human body with selectable layers





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