Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

I recently came across a flashlight whilst browsing the web, a flashlight which caught my attention because of its bold claim – a single LED with a maximum output of 960 lumens!

I knew then that my 210-lumen Nu-Flare Rebel 90 Flashlight was already very bright, and to come across one which also runs similarly on two CR123A batteries powering a single LED, but outputs more than 4 times that intensity, was something I just had to try and see for myself.

Even though I (really) had no need for another flashlight, it didn’t take long before I placed an order with Amazon.

Call it an impulse buy, but you will see why shortly, what makes the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger the much coveted flashlight that it is.

Read on for an in-depth review of the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger.

Unboxing the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

The delivery from Amazon was speedy – less than two weeks from order to travel halfway around the world. Seriously, it was a wait in eager anticipation, and when it finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to rip the package apart. Gently. Here goes!

The box front proudly declaring
960 lumens in red…
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
…and the box rear with details
on the product within.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
As with most other Nitecore products, the main item sits on a transparent plastic package tray, while the manual and accessories are found on the underside.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The set includes the flashlight, a custom-design nylon holster, worldwide warranty service card, manual, and a host of accessories. We’ll look at the bundled accessories next.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The little accessories plastic bag consists of a lanyard, an attachable titanium-plated stainless steel pocket-clip, two spare O-rings of different size, a tactical ring, and a spare tailcap push button.

Trying the Bundled Accessories on for Size!

Tactical Ring
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
1. Unscrew and remove the tailcap from the barrel of the Nitecore SRT7.
Nitecore SRT7 tactical ring
2. Grab the tactical ring, and notice the different flat and bevelled sides. The bevelled side is seen above.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
3. Fit and push the tactical ring as far as it will go, with the bevelled side in first. Flat side faces the tailcap end.
Nitecore accessories
4. Replace and screw on the tailcap back in place tightly. The tactical ring is now completely installed.
Nitecore tactical ring
The tactical ring allows the SRT7 to be held with a cigarette grip in the manner as shown…
Nitecore SRT7 tactical ring
…or simply to prevent it rolling on and off flat and sloped surfaces!
Titanium-plated Stainless Steel Clip
Nitecore SRT7 clip
The titanium-plated stainless steel clip can be installed at two locations on the barrel, as shown by the red arrows in the photo above.
Nylon Holster
Nitecore SRT7 nylon holster
The custom-designed nylon holster provides a good snug fit, with the tailcap end of the SRT7 exposed below.
Nitecore holster
A belt loop allows the holster to be secured to a bag strap or belt on the waist. A loose D-ring provides additional fastening point.
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Replacement Tail Switch Push Button
Should the tail switch be damaged in the future, it is replaceable, with the bundled replacement push button.

Dimensions and Features at a Glance

Nitecore SRT7
Dimensions and weight of the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

The following is a summary list of features of the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger:

nitecore operating hours
Operating hour duration depends on the intensity at which the SRT7 is run. These figures, as given on the manufacturer’s website, were measured based on the international flashlight testing standards ANSI/NEMA FL1 under laboratory conditions. Other information is provided in the table above.
  • purpose-designed for law enforcement, hunting and tactical applications
  • the world’s first line of flashlights to feature 3rd-generation Smart Selector Ring technology to smoothly and rapidly select brightness levels and six other functions
  • utilises the latest CREE XM-L (XM-L2 T6) LED for a maximum output of 960 lumens
  • 2nd generation Crystal Coating Technology combined with Precision Digital Optics Technology provide extreme reflector performance
  • boasts a peak beam intensity of 23,256cd and throw distance of up to 305m (ANSI FL1)
  • high efficiency circuit board provides up to 200 hours runtime on lowest output level
  • equipped with unique tri-colour RGB tactical and signalling LED lights
  • infinite brightness adjustments from 0 to 960 lumens
  • dual-purpose power indicator light displays remaining battery power and ON status
  • patented spring-loaded impact absorption mechanism with reverse battery polarity protection
  • stainless steel titanium-plated two-way clip, tactical ring, lanyard, holster and spare O-rings and push button as bundled accessories
  • stainless steel retaining ring protects core components from damage, and can be further extended with a crenulated bezel sold separately
  • toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • constructed from aircraft grade aluminium alloy
  • robust HAIII military-grade hard-anodised barrel
  • waterproof in accordance with IPX8 (submersible up to 2m)
  • impact resistant to 1.5m
  • tail stand capability
Nitecore vs Nu-flare
At 158 mm (about 6 inches) long, the Nitecore SRT7 Revenger is quite a handful, and towers over my Nu-Flare Rebel 90 by that much. Considering the increased firepower, I guess that’s quite alright!

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger – The Tailcap and Barrel

The Nitecore SRT7 comes in two colours – Law Enforcement Black and Military Grey. I was inclined to go with the Military Grey at first, but as I was buying online without a first hand feel of the actual item, I wasn’t sure how dark the grey will turn out to be.

I would prefer a very dark grey, and it’s hard to judge the various shade levels of grey from photographs available online. In the end, I decided to play it safe and go with Law Enforcement Black instead.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The U-shaped tailcap allows operation with gloves on, prevents accidental activation, and enables the flashlight to stand on this end unsupported.

An important feature which I require in all my flashlights is that the tail switch push button can be depressed halfway for a momentary on operation. Fortunately, the Nitecore SRT7 works this way, unlike some flashlights in the market which require a full depress with a click in order to turn them on.

From experience, I find such momentary on switches such as the one found on the Revenger to be very useful and handy in real-world applications.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Removing the tailcap for the first time, the screw thread was found to be well-greased. Grease not only makes it easy to screw on or off the tailcap. Together with the O-rings, grease usually helps to keep water out when used in very wet conditions.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Like most or all Nitecore flashlight, a small bag of silica gel is found within the barrel to keep the inside dry. This, of course, has to be removed before use.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The Nitecore SRT7 takes either 1 no. of 18650 battery, or 2 nos. of CR123A batteries. I thought this was a good feature – a flashlight which was capable of operating on two different type of batteries. The 18650 is the less common of the two types. Fortunately, I had one lying around.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
A pair of CR123A sit quite loosely within the barrel. No doubt, as the CR123A is of a smaller diameter than the 18650. Anyway, the springs within the barrel hold the batteries quite snug, so there are no rattles when it is shaken.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The 18650 battery sits snugly in the barrel. The battery is one from UltraFire, and will be the one used in the tests below.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Along the barrel, the model SRT7 Revenger is printed. While I think the description SmartRing Tactical is ok, I wonder upon the need to state RoHS and CE on the product. I think these descriptions should be stated elsewhere and be simply omitted on the product.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Likewise on the other side of the barrel, the signage to indicate safe disposal of the batteries was I think, quite unnecessary.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger – a Head Examination

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Like the tailcap end, the head of the SRT7 can also be removed. As seen above, with the head removed, the positive end of the 18650 battery is exposed.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The head of the SRT7 is equipped with a spring-loaded impact absorption mechanism (black disc with central battery contact) to withstand heavy vibration, either instantaneous from a drop, or when installed on an automatic firearm. A patented reverse polarity protection is integrated for safe battery use.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
A second-generation “Crystalline Reflector Coating Technology” results in a 10% increase in reflector performance efficiency, and with a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating, the powerful CREE LED within yields a peak beam intensity of 23,256 candela and an effective throw distance of up to 305 metres.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The stainless steel retaining bezel ring, coated mineral glass, reflector, main central super-bright CREE XM-L2 T6 LED, and three multi-colour signalling LEDs make the Nitecore SRT7 a robust, durable and efficient flashlight for a myriad of applications
Other interesting notes on the head:

  • The stainless steel retaining bezel ring protects the core components from damage, and can be extended in its purpose by fitting a crenulated bezel, sold separately.
  • Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

    The crenulated bezel, when fitted, appears as shown left below.

  • The toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with double-sided anti-reflective coating ensures the highest optical efficiency and light transmittance.
  • The reflector manufactured based on second-generation crystal coating technology with precision digital optics technology results in a peak beam intensity of 23,256 cd and a throw distance of up to 305 m (ANSI FL1).
  • The latest CREE XM-L2 T6 is used as the main central LED, capable of a maximum output of 960 lumens, with a 10-15% increase in efficiency over previous XM-L series LEDs.
  • Integrated with three tri-colour LEDs for various tasks and applications, which will be discussed in the next section.
Nitecore crenulated bezel
The crenulated bezel, sold separately and when fitted on the bezel region, turns the SRT7 into weapon, or a tool for breaking glass.
Nitecore SRT-7 beam profile
The Nitecore SRT-7 on turbo mode at 960 lumens in a lightly-smoked living room, exhibiting its spotlight-like intensity and well-formed beam profile, thanks to a purpose-designed parabolic reflector.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger – Dual Purpose LED Power Indicator Light

Nitecore took the trouble to incorporate a power indicator light on the lamp head. This tiny and inconspicuous red LED blinks every 2.85 seconds when in standby mode (tail switch on, at 0 lumens). This serves to indicate that the flashlight is on or that the tail switch is already depressed and activated. The power indicator light will also blink when in turbo mode (tail switch on, at 960 lumens) to indicate that battery has reached 50% level.

nitecore dual purpose power indicator light
A tiny red LED on the head blinks once every 2.85 seconds (see above) to indicate that the flashlight is in ON mode, i.e. with the tail switch push button depressed. The LED only blinks when the flashlight is on standby or turbo mode. This is to inform that the flashlight is switched on, especially when it is not noticed in the case of standby mode, or that the battery has reached 50% level when in turbo mode.

The power indicator light blinks more rapidly (once every 0.08 second) to indicate a weak battery, as shown:

nitecore srt7 low battery status
The power light indicator blinks rapidly when battery power falls to very low levels.

The Crux of the Nitecore SRT7 – The Smart Selector Ring

“The Smart Selector Ring makes selecting a function straightforward, and more importantly, keep that function activated for the next operation after a switch-off.”

One of the main reasons which prompted me to go ahead with the purchase of the Nitecore SRT7 was its Smart Selector Ring.

The Nitecore SRT7 is one of the few flashlights in the market to feature selector switches that activate its various functions. This makes it very convenient for any one of the flashlight functions to be selected at any given moment. Most other multi-function flashlights currently available today offer fewer functions, and involve complex multi-button sequence of presses to activate each of its functions.

The Smart Selector Ring makes selecting a function straightforward, and more importantly, keep that function activated for the next operation after a switch-off.

Nitecore SRT7 smart selector ring
The Smart Selector Ring is located just before the head, at an ergonomic position that can be operated with the same hand holding the flashlight, by rotating the ring with the thumb and forefinger.

The Smart Selector Ring clicks at a number of positions, starting from the furthest left for location beacon, followed by alternating red-blue warning light, blue LED, green LED, red LED, flashlight mode, and strobe light.

In flashlight mode, the ring clicks at three positions – the first is on standby mode at 0 lumens, the second allows the flashlight to be adjusted at varying levels of brightness from 0 to 960 lumens smoothly like a rheostat, and the last click turns on the turbo mode, switching the flashlight on at its maximum brightness at 960 lumens.

This is best summarised in the diagram below from the Nitecore website:

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
The Smart Selector Ring puts the various functions and features of the Nitecore SRT7 practically on your fingertips!

The Smart Selector Ring on the Nitecore SRT7 is actually a third generation technology, an amalgam of the first two generations used in previous flashlight models.

Nitecore SRT Nitecore SRT

First Generation Technology:
The Smart Ring (2009)

The SR3 featured several levels of output, all easily selectable by incrementally rotating Nitecore’s “Smart Ring”.

Second Generation Technology:
The Control Ring (2011)

The IFE2 employed a smooth, non-incremental and infinitely adjustable “Control Ring” and was one of the first flashlights of its kind.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

Third Generation Technology:
The Smart Selector Ring (2013)

The SRT7’s “Smart Selector Ring” combines the strengths of the two previous systems (above), offering smooth rotation for brightness adjustment and incremental step rotation for function selection.

The Smart Selector Ring is an innovative and indispensable feature on any multi-function flashlight, a technology which is certainly well-implemented on the SRT7.

nitecore smart selector ring


RGB on the Nitecore SRT7 – LEDs in Red, Green and Blue

The Nitecore SRT7 also features three tri-colour LEDs within its lamp reflector. The photographs below show the LEDs operating on each of the three colours, taken with my camera under normal daylight.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger

Each of these colours serves different functions and purposes, which the outdoorsman will quickly appreciate.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Red light is used in low light tactical applications, hunting, and general outdoor use
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Green light is used in document analysis, map reading, and hunting.
Nitecore SRT7 Revenger
Blue light is used to detect blood stains and bodily fluids, in fishing and hunting.

Activation of these colours on the circumferential LEDs depends on the switch position on the Smart Selector Ring as discussed above.

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger – Beacon and Strobe functions

The Nitecore SRT7 Revenger also features beacon and strobe functions, activated on each extreme end of the Smart Selector Ring.

The location beacon is useful for indicating one’s location whilst in a convoy, or when lost in the wilderness or at sea, while the strobe function attracts immediate attention to signal for help at sight. The location beacon blinks at near maximum brightness once every 2.1 seconds and consumes less power than the strobe, which blinks similarly but more rapidly at once every 0.03 seconds.

nitecore srt7 location beacon
The location beacon function indicates one’s location in a convoy or out in the open without drawing too much attention and without draining too much battery power.
nitecore srt7 strobe
The strobe function gets immediate attention when directed towards help and rescue at sight.
[Depending on your browser speed and device, the strobe effect above may not render correctly on your screen. It should, if displayed on the appropriate browser, flicker evenly at a frequency of about 20 – 30Hz, i.e. about 30 ms between flickers. This is best viewed on the desktop versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.]

Nitecore SRT7 Revenger – Testing the 960 lumens Outdoors

Nitecore SRT7 outdoor test
A Nikon dSLR D3100 on a tripod was used to capture the images of illumination on the test subjects below.

To gauge the power of the rated 960 lumens, the SRT7 was best tested outdoors at night.

The following test was conducted at 5.30 am in near pitch-black darkness just outside of my balcony. A Nikon dSLR D3100 mounted on a tripod (right) was used to capture the images of illumination on the test subjects. Two test subjects were selected – a tree at about 60 feet away, and a farther tree at about 102 feet away. These distances were measured from the balcony with a Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 80 Professional. There was some stray light from a nearby light source, but this did not reach the farther tree at all, as seen in the photos below.

The first photo below shows the darkness of the environment, as well as the distance of each of the two test subjects hidden in this darkness. The next photo shows how these test subjects vary in appearance, from within darkness to being illuminated with the full force of the 960 lumens emanating from the Nitecore SRT7.

Nitecore outdoor test
Two test subjects – a tree about 60 feet away, and a farther tree about 102 feet away. Distance measurements were taken with a Bosch Laser Rangefinder GLM 80 Professional.

Nitecore SRT7 outdoor test

As seen in the photo above, the Nitecore SRT7 running at its full 960 lumens was bright enough to pick up rather good detail on the farther tree at over 100 feet away. The naked eye actually captures this better than can be seen in the above photo. You may need to increase the brightness of your computer screen to see what it’s really like.

The Nitecore SRT7 features an overheating/failure safety control, which automatically switches the flashlight to high mode after three minutes of continuous use in turbo mode. In this case, turbo mode can be reactivated by slowly rotating the Smart Selector Ring or pressing the tail switch.

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Testing the Nitecore SRT7 Underwater

The Nitecore SRT7 boasts an Ingress Protection rating of IPX-8, and is waterproof and submersible to a depth of up to 2 metres. I decided to take the next test to a swimming pool.

nitecore srt7 submersible test
I swam with the Nitecore SRT7 for about half an hour, taking it out and into the water on and off, as well as operating its tail switch whilst submerged.
underwater nitecore flashlight nitecore IPX-8
Nitecore flashlight underwater test underwater flashlight
underwater flashlight review
The tail switch and Smart Selector Ring (4 smaller photos above) work flawlessly even when underwater.
Nitecore underwater
Finally, I left the Nitecore SRT7 laying on the floor at maximum brightness for about a minute. The deepest part of the swimming pool was only 1.2 m deep – enough for a good test.
Nitecore vs Underwater Kinetics
I pitted the Nitecore SRT7 against my trusty Underwater Kinetics SL4 diving torch. While the SRT7 is no diving torch, its brighter 960 lumens vs the SL4’s 400 lumens was quite evident in the water. This comparison suggests the SRT7 operating at 3.7 volts runs more efficiently than the SL4, which runs on 4 C-size batteries to a total of 6 volts.


The Nitecore SRT7 passed the underwater tests with flying colours and had shown itself to be extremely capable in day-to-day tasks.

Despite running on only a single 3.7V, it proved to be more efficient than the Underwater Kinetics SL4 eLED which ran on 4 “C” cells to a total of 6V.

Also, I must say that the Smart Selector Ring was well-designed and certainly well-implemented on the Nitecore SRT7 – allowing any one of its seven functions to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

As an all-in-one flashlight, the Nitecore SRT7 presents overall great value, and quality is evident in its manufacture as well as in the bundled accessories.

Nitecore IntelliCharger i2
I bought the Nitecore Intellicharger i2 for portability during travels as well.

Despite already owning the larger Nitecore IntelliCharger i4, I also purchased the Nitecore IntelliCharger i2 (right) for its smaller size, to use when travelling.

A fresh set of 18650 battery isn’t something you can get off the shelf, and the CR123A batteries may be quite hard to find at remote locations, be it leisure or an expedition. Best to carry some of these rechargeable batteries and a charger, provided that power source is not an issue!

To purchase this flashlight and other accessories such as the crenulated bezel, please click on the links below.







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