Tyre Shine

Black Magic Tire Wet and Armor All Tire Foam They say that paint depth and the shine on your car depend very much on the blackness of your tyres. I suppose the contrast created by blacker tyres enhances the richness of the car body paintwork.

Over time, tyres can dull and fade to a dark grey, and no matter how shiny your car may be, it will never have that new fresh-out-of-the-car-showroom look if the tyres do not have the contrast to match the deep body glossy paintwork.

In the example below, I used the Permaglass Tyre Gloss to achieve a new black tyre look. It is fast, convenient and easy to apply. It doesn’t leave black spots on your car when you drive off as reported for some other similar products, simply because it is not black. It is…foam!

Other than the tyre foam by Permaglass, I have also used similar products known in the market as Black Magic Wet Tire and Armor All Tire Foam (as shown in photo at right) to good effect. See the links at the bottom of this page to purchase any of these products. I have also included one by Meguiar’s as a recommended product.


I usually apply this immediately after I wash and rinse the car with water, and before I dry the car, so that by the time I’m done wiping the car down to dry, the foam on the tyres will be off and I can safely drive off.

Applying the Tire Foam

tyre shine
1. We’ll start with rinsing the tyre to loosen off dirt and particles.
tyre shine
2. Aim and depress the spray nozzle at one section of the tyre about 20 cm or 8 inches away…
tyre shine
3. …and spray the foam on the surface wall of the tyre. As the foam may cause the tyre to be slippery, it must not be applied on the surface areas which will be in contact with the road.
tyre shine
4. Ensure that the entire tyre side surface wall is covered in foam. Allow the foam to settle and drip down to dry. Some foam will inadvertently land on the tyre rim or wheel…that is fine!
tyre shine
5. This is how the tyre will look once the foam residue is completely drained from the tyre wall surface.
tyre shine
6. Once the tyre is dry, a glossy tyre shine look is achieved. That’s it – just what we need to complement a freshly washed car.
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In Conclusion

A few items to note. The foam should only be sprayed on the tyre wall sides and not on the treads. And, any spillovers of foam on the floor, especially on cement-rendered floors, should be rinsed and washed off immediately or it may cause some stain in the floor finishes, especially on cement floors. You do not need to wait for the foam to completely dry down before driving off…if you’re in a hurry.




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