How To Waterproof Leather

Took me awhile before I decided to settle with a gorgeous suede leather bag from Fossil. Bringing it to work one day, I quickly realised that suede leather is quite sensitive to water, and every little splash of water or drop of rain on its grainy surface can easily leave a mark or stain which stays on quite permanently. Certainly no way to decorate a leather bag!

As confirmed by the staff at Fossil later, suede leather bags can be difficult to maintain and are easily stained with the slightest bit of water.


I needed a quick solution to waterproof suede leather, and came across the Woly Protector 3×3.

This product is described by the manufacturer as a highly effective waterproofing spray for all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers as well as textiles including breathable membranes. Completely invisible. Effectively repels snow, mud and dirt and prevents the formation of snow and water stains. PFOA/PFOS-free – that means without the carcinogenic Perfluorooctanoic Acid and Perfluorooctanesulfonic Acid (both chemicals commonly used in the 1970s as water and oil repellents) – thus making the Woly Protector 3×3 environmental-friendly.

It is ideal for all smooth and rough leather products including shoes, bags, leather clothing, anoraks, umbrellas and hats, and suitable for application on large surfaces. It is however not to be used on patent leather or synthetic materials.


The Woly Protector 3×3 worked like a charm on my suede leather Fossil bag as I had once or twice accidentally splashed the bag with water from wet hands, and had to walk with it under a drizzle. No permanent water stains.

I still carry a plastic covering sheet within for unavoidable heavy rains, but this product provided an effective protection for day-to-day use. I have since used the 250 ml can for two recently-purchased Pedro shoes – both of suede leather make.

I am a sucker for suede products these days – bags, shoes, coats, cases of sorts – and find the Woly Protector 3×3 a much-needed accessory to complement these leather goods!


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How To Waterproof Leather

Application is simple and the Woly Protector 3×3 leaves behind a pleasing scent and fragrance.

Aim the nozzle and spray the protector from a distance of 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) from the item in a sweeping motion, though not too swiftly, taking care to ensure that the surface is well-covered.

Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for the surface to dry, before proceeding with the second layer. Repeat the procedure for the final and third layer.

For maintenance, the leather item should occasionally be sprayed with a couple of layers to ensure that it is well-protected. I do this once every 6 months or so, depending also on how frequent the item is used or handled.

Bags could probably do with less frequent re-coats depending on how they are handled, and shoes would definitely require more re-coats given the abuse they are subjected to.

how to waterproof leather bag
The Fossil suede leather bag getting a treatment of the Woly Protector 3×3
how to waterproof leather
Spraying the Woly Protector 3×3 on my favourite Pedro red suede shoes…
how to waterproof leather shoes
…as well as another Pedro in brown. What can I say…I love suede shoes by Pedro!


In conclusion, the Woly Protector 3×3 is an effective and reliable solution to keep your leather goods protected from water and its damaging and stain-causing effects. It has been tested on my bag and shoes, and the results were favourable. A 250 ml can should be able to cover about six or seven pairs of shoes, each pair applied with 3 layers of coating.


I recently walked in the rain with my Pedro shoes on, and I am pleased to report the following:

how to waterproof leather
This is a coated shoe, fresh from walking in from the rain. The shoe felt dry to the touch, but that didn’t seem conclusive enough, so I decided to take the test a step further.
how to waterproof leather
I put a drop of water on the biggest surface of the shoe, and true enough, the droplet remained on the surface without seeping into the suede leather material.
how to waterproof leather
The drop of water was left on the shoe surface for a while. Seems the photo in the Woly banner above and the image of water droplets on a porous blue fabric material shown on the Woly can is no exaggeration!
When I tilted the shoe just very slightly to the side…
how to waterproof leather
…off rolled the water droplet to the side and onto the floor, leaving the shoe still dry to the touch!
The Woly Protector 3×3 works to waterproof leather indeed!

Hope this article on how to waterproof leather has been informative and helpful.




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