Quick Fix for Rubber Grip Melting on Tools

You must have come across this scenario. You pull out an old forgotten tool in your chest of DIY paraphernalia, and find that the rubber grip on the pliers have somewhat disintegrated, causing it to be sticky, probably due to the heat and humidity at where it was stored.

There is a quick, cheap and simple fix for this, and the solution lies in the form of baby talcum powder.


Rubber Grip Melting

Take the following plier wrench for instance, and follow the captions on each photo:

rubber grip melting
With the sticky rubber handle in your palm, pour some talcum powder over the offending handle rather generously. Allow the excess powder to spill into your palm, which you will later rub and wipe throughout the entire handle.
rubber grip melting
Do this with the other handle (if your tool has two) and ensure that the powder is evenly spread over the entire rubberized areas, including the butt ends.
rubber grip melting
Wipe off all excess powder to a point where most of the white powder is no longer visible. Some will still inevitably remain at the crevices and corners as seen above, which you may choose to remove with a brush, but this step may be omitted. You must ensure that there is no excess powder left to render the tool slippery in your grip.
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Other Applications

This method would be useful for tools such as pliers, wrenches, saws and screwdrivers, as well as kitchen utensils and mugs with rubberized handles.

For reasons of safety, this should not be applied to knives, hammers and power tools, unless measures are taken to ensure the powder does not make the tool or equipment slippery in your hands, which would potentially be a safety hazard.

This fix is also not confined only to tools and utensils, and will work on almost any item made of rubber or plastic such as cables, laptops, casings, toys, bicycle, auto parts – almost anything with rubber overmolding. A simple and quick fix for the problem of rubber grip melting!





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