Ferrari GT Evolution

Ferrari GT Evolution

Ferrari GT Evolution is the game to get if you love race car driving games on the iPhone. With 33 different Ferrari models to choose from, feel the exhilaration as you speed your choice of Ferrari down the streets of Paris, New York, Berlin, to name a few…and the race track. 

Graphics are realistic with a variety of options for vehicular control. Manoeuvering the car may be by the accelerometer, screen tap or steering wheel, but as with most iPhone driving-related games, accelerometer seems to be the most preferred and engaging of the three. 

Before the start of each race, the gamer is treated to a little trivia about Ferrari and its history.

car racing game on iOS
Ferrari GT Evolution Splash Screen

A plus point of this game is the ability to build your career as you progress along through your races – friendly, unfriendly and professional. You receive invitations and challenges to participate in races via emails, which appears in your inbox within the game.

Other racers and people you have met are distinguished by placing them in Friends or Rivals sections in your Contacts. Over the course of your career, you will often meet them more than once.

Ferrari GT Evolution
Emails, contacts and a calendar of events stored in your “computer”.

Points and virtual cash are accumulated as you advance through the different levels, with points to unlock new levels and cash to buy new Ferraris.

And, at the showroom, each Ferrari is exhibited with a specs sheet to help you with your decision to purchase. Amongst the many models to choose from are classics like the Dino, 208 GTB, 246 GT, 328 GTS and 348 GTS to the more recent F40, F50 and F355, and to the modern Enzo, 575M Maranello, California, FXX Evoluzione, 599 GTB Fiorano and F430 Scuderia.

No 458 Italia yet for the current version reviewed, but all in all, a well-thought-out game with many levels to finish before the game runs out of levels.

choices of Ferrari
Testarossa, Maranello and California, amongst many cars to choose from…
choose your Ferrari
…including FXX Evoluzione, 360 Modena and F430 Challenge…and more!

Races are made more realistic by changes in weather and time of day. The ability to drift the car is also in your hands, with two brake pedals at the bottom of the screen for ambidexterity, but drifting becomes more difficult to control in rainy weather as the roads become more slippery.

A number of options appear at the top left of the screen, allowing you to change the default controls for steering the car midway through a race, as well as changing camera views ranging from front of the car and inside the car from the driver’s perspective to an elevated view from above and behind the car.

A road map of the race track and city route is shown on the left of the screen, indicating your position in green and those of your rivals in red.

Ferrari GT Evolution
Skid marks during a drift while faithfully following the markers on the road.
Ferrari GT Evolution
Switching camera view as seen from the driver’s perspective inside the car.

The USD1.99 for this game from the App Store is well worth the asking price! The controls and manoeuvrability of these supercars require some practice before you are able to steer the car properly round the bends and down the highways, so don’t give up at the first onset of a crash!



  • realistic and intuitive drive feel using device’s accelerometer, including braking and drifting capabilities
  • showcases an entire range of Ferrari car models with matching real world performance
  • features historical anecdotes of Ferrari and his cars
  • career-building through competitive races
  • segregate other racers by friends or rivals
  • realistic challenges that become easier with practice






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