Ryobi P506 18V One+ Circular Saw Laser

The following article is a preview of the Ryobi P506 Circular Saw with laser guide as it has not been personally used, and is intended to be an info page with some description, photographs and technical specifications as provided by the manufacturer.

Ryobi P506 circular saw blade

This was one of the cordless power tools from Ryobi I had bought after the P320 AirStrike Cordless Brad Nailer, as I had wanted to ride on the cost advantage of having to buy only the bare power tool without the batteries and charger that normally come with it.

Yes, like the P320, the P506 Circular Saw falls under Ryobi’s One+ series which uses similar 18V lithium-ion battery packs. This way, I only need one battery charger and a handful (that would mean about two to three pieces) batteries, without being forced to pay extra for these normally bundled with every power tool by default. Without redundancies, a lot of money can be saved.

Ryobi P506 circular saw Ryobi P506 circular saw

“I thought it sensible to have a cordless circular saw in my arsenal of power tools…”

Truth be told, I wasn’t really in the market for a circular saw, and had been using the Bosch GDM 12-34 Marble Cutter for years as a pseudo-circular saw with satisfactory results. But for the reasons mentioned above, I thought it sensible to have a cordless circular saw in my arsenal of power tools, and this model fit the bill when I came across it online – specs- and price-wise. Plus, I was indeed building a collection of cordless power tools at that time.

Ryobi P506
The lithium-ion battery compartment is located on the side of the power tool, which keeps the balance of the P506 is reasonable equilibrium and overall lines of the entire power tool compact.
Ryobi P506 Ryobi P506
Ryobi P506
The Ryobi P506 Circular Saw comes with a 5½-inch saw blades with carbide-tip for long-lasting cuts

The Ryobi P506 specifically operates with 5½”-diameter saw blades, and is designed to be compact for better handling and manoeuvrability. Cuts to the work material are made on the left side of the blade for higher visibility of the cut line, thus resulting in more accurate cuts and well-suited for the right-handed.

Even then, the Ryobi P506 is equipped with on-board laser guidance to improve cut accuracy, whichever way you look at it. This ExactlineTM laser is automatically activated when the trigger switch is depressed on operating the power tool.

Ryobi P506 circular saw
A warning label on the body of the Ryobi P506 stating the power of the laser…
Ryobi P506 laser
…and another one with an arrow that points to the aperture from which the laser is emitted.
Ryobi P506 laser
The laser on the P506 aids the user in making accurate straight cuts…
Ryobi P506 circular saw
…and is highly visible even in broad daylight.
Ryobi P506 circular saw laser
“…equipped with an on-board laser guidance to improve cut accuracy…”

The handle is wrapped in Ryobi’s new and improved GripZoneTM overmold grip, which offers good traction and comfort. This is similar to the one found on the P320 Brad Nailer and other tools in the One+ series. There is also front pommel handle for two-handed operation and better stability.

Ryobi P506
A pommel handle is situated on the top front of the P506 for two-handed operation for better stability…
Ryobi P506 circular saw
…and a button on the left and right side just behind the pommel handle keeps the trigger switch down and allows the tool to remain locked in operation.
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“…built-in for enhanced safety, to prevent accidental cuts…”

One thing I’ve noticed while dry running the Ryobi P506 is its electric brake, which quickly stops the blade rotation when the trigger switch is released. This feature is built-in for enhanced safety, to prevent accidental cuts after the tool leaves the work material – accidental cuts on the work material. Or human flesh.

Ryobi P506 circular saw
An allen key or hex wrench is required for the removal of the blade screw and outer blade washer when installing or replacing saw blades.

Like many power tools under this series, Ryobi has found a neat way to keep the allen key (or hex wrench) on-board, so that mounting or replacement of blades can be done with this wrench within easy reach.

It is always interesting to see how Ryobi find ways to ensure even the unassuming tool can be stored on the power tool body for user convenience, and to avoid its likely misplacement (see following photos).

Ryobi P506 Ryobi P506
Ryobi P506
Bevel cuts up to 50o to the horizontal is possible with the P506.

The Ryobi P506 can be made to tilt on its axis so that bevel cuts up to 50 degrees from the horizontal can be made. With most cuts being made at the 45-degree angle and fractional parts of it, it is smart on Ryobi’s part to include a 22.5-degree mark on the graduated scale.

Or maybe that comes as standard on most circular saws in the market.

Ryobi P506
An adjustment knob locks the P506 at the required angle for bevel cuts.
Ryobi P506
A graduated radial scale in degrees to the horizontal indicates the angle of tilt for bevel cuts.
Ryobi P506
Default maximum cut depth (rear view)
Ryobi P506
Default maximum cut depth (side view)
Ryobi P506
Adjusted shallower cut depth (rear view)
Ryobi P506 circular saw
Adjusted shallower cut depth (side view)

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Specifications Technical Data
Battery voltage 18V lithium-ion
Blade size 5½-inch diameter
Arbor size 10 mm
Rotation speed 4,700 revs per minute
Cut capacities 11/8” at 45o to 19/16” at 90o
Tool weight: 2.1 kg (4.7 lbs)









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